Our theme for 2021 is, “HIGHER.”  We already started climbing in 2020. Here’s how we did it:

We pulled together as God’s church, one body, to transition in less than one week to all online presentations of the gospel and to build community.  We have seen thousands of eyes on our virtual presentations and experienced bonds in community as we have put Jesus on display.

We have been able to sow into people’s lives immensely by making wellness visits, burying loved ones lost, marrying folks, and dedicating children.  We have been able to give to those struggling to provide for their families.  We have been able to lead the charge in organizing, marching, protesting, coordinating, and standing for what is right in our community.

If you would like to be a part of a movement that is getting busy for Jesus, consider taking the following 3 steps:  

  1. Join in our virtual gatherings, especially our Church After Church events immediately after Sunday worship, for fellowship. 
  1. Pray that we would be effective change agents for Jesus, and become a part-taking member of Faith Place by emailing your interest to info@faithplacechurch.org.
  1. Consider giving financially to the furtherance of the work we are doing. Click the “Give” button above.

See you soon, and don’t come alone. Friends want to climb too.

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