God has put the choice before us for blessings and curses. We will learn how to make MONEY MOVES on Sundays in April, where we avoid cash curses regardless of how much or how little we have.


Confronting our pasts causes many of us to shudder with fear, embarrassment, and anxiety. Truth is, all of us have experienced dysfunction in our past environments and homes. Revisiting the dysfunction can be a traumatic reminder that we live out of sync with our 2021 goals of staying one with Jesus, being more like Jesus, and doing what Jesus did.

What if we got expert teaching to reorient our lives for a culture where Jesus is King? What if we practiced challenging our social, racial, and economic environmental and home dysfunctions together, and pushed together, until justice in these dysfunctional areas flowed like a mighty river. In this series of messages and interaction, we will go back, and yes, go forward.
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