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God has put the choice before us for blessings and curses. We will learn how to make MONEY MOVES on Sundays in April, where we avoid cash curses regardless of how much or how little we have.

In the Color Purple movie there’s a famous line that says,

“Until You do right by me everything you touch gonna fail!”

God says something similar to HIS children in the book Haggai, and in chapter 1 questions their priorities in failing to place HIM central to their lives. God pauses every area of prosperity seeking our loyalty and for us to place Him first. Tuesday’s in April we’ll learn how to spot when we are not doing right and to course correct!

What’s your favorite board game? Monopoly? Trouble? Sorry?

Faith Place Kids, our ministry to 2-12 year-olds has been in an engaging season of learning how to love God and walk in His purposes through board games.
The kids are bubbling with energy even in the virtual environment as they are learning scripture, scripture application, and object lessons to increase their faith and spiritual development with time-favored board games.
Continue to keep your Faith Place Kids team members in prayer as well as pray for our children. 
E-mail us to register your child in Faith Place Kids at info@faithplacechurch.org.

Min. Wendy Ugwuja

She recently had the opportunity to lead prayer for the New York State Association of Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic & Asian Legislators Inc. at their TOMORROW’S LEADERS YOUTH CONFERENCE.
We are really excited because we believe that Min. Wendy, and Faith Place are uniquely suited to infuse faith into culture.  We are glad she is an available vessel to help all in her sphere of influence to go higher.

Gospel Artist JeNard Carpenter Leads Worship at Faith Place

“When Victory Sings Vol. 1” available now!

World renowned worship leader JeNard Carpenter has been sharing with the Faith Place and even led us into worship during our Crossover 2021. In fact, JeNard has been sharing his gift of song and his powerful anointing with us over several weeks. We thank God for his life. Support JeNard’s ministry and bless your home with his new project.
A New Design

Already Climbing

Our theme for 2021 is, “HIGHER.”  We already started climbing in 2020. Here’s how we did it…

A New Design (1)

Service takes an emotional and spiritual toll, and your support to many who are hurting and facing challenges has been amazing. Lives were touched and relationships strengthened in 2020.  Thank you for your spirit of gift-giving, demonstrating a deep understanding of the mission God had called each of us to in 2020, to sow to what glorifies God now, and for …


Be a Partaker Within a Faith Community

If you are not an integral part of another faith community, then TODAY is a great day to connect to the Faith Place, a Christian fellowship of faith and power. 

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